Top Wedding Cake Trends

Since 1965, we have seen a lot of wedding cakes! The requests over the years have included things as simple as plain white wedding cakes to completely unique 3D designs. We have seen it all!

Although the designs are always sweet, the trends change with each generation. Here are some of the most requested trends of the past year:

Ruffles & Lace

With each ruffle hand-applied, it is no wonder that brides are asking for these beautiful types of creations. To balance out the design, our artists create delicate lace patterns on alternating tiers.

Naked Cake

Let’s get down to the basics. When it is all about the cake, forget the icing! Don’t let your eye fool you, these cakes take extra time and special plans to create since their edges are bare.

Fresh Flowers

When bakers and florists combine, the creations can be breathtaking. Adding fresh flowers to our cakes can be just the WOW factor you are looking for.


From swirls to buttoned patterns, requests for various textures are very common.

Floral Icing

The top of a wedding cake is one of the most important focal points. This sweet design is covered in flowers made of our handmade icing.

King Cake Remix

King Cake Remix with Haydel's

As good as king cake is straight out of the bag, chefs of all stripes continue to find new ways to use it as the basis of fresh creations.

For everyone who has no intention of letting professional chefs have all the fun, we gathered the best recipes that use king cakes. So grab your king cake, turn up the WWOZ, and see how far you can take this NOLA classic.

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Celebrate One Year with Your Top Tier

Wedding cakePreserving the top tier of the wedding cake continues to be popular among many of today’s newlyweds. The tiniest tier is gently wrapped and frozen to be enjoyed by the couple on their first anniversary. This tradition as we know it today actually grew out of once held conventional views and expectations. Continue reading

Lemon Isn’t Just for Sweet Tea!

A change in seasons calls for a change of desserts! Spring and soon-to-come summer have led me on a thorough search for warm weather confections. Serious consideration is given to recipes that include ingredients I don’t have to Google. Lemon is my go-to dessert flavor as it is offers the perfect combination of tangy and sweet. Those served chilled another plus in steamy southern Louisiana.

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Everything You Need to Know About Our King Cakes

Everything you Need to Know About our King Cake

It’s Mardi Gras, y’all!

We’re baking king cakes faster than most people can spell Tchoupitoulas. To give our team more time to focus on braiding dough and working the ovens, we put together answers to all the most common king cake questions we get.

Read on for tips on making your Haydel’s King Cake acquisitions as stress-free as possible during carnival time.

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Pink Ribbon King Cake is Back!

Once again, Haydel’s has partnered with The Pink Ribbon Shop Fund for Breast Cancer Research at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  For every Pink Ribbon King Cake sold during the month of October, Haydel’s will donate $5 to fund breast cancer research at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

This is our third year partnering with The Pink Ribbon Shop.  Here’s the back story on our partnership. Founder of The Pink Ribbon Shop, Kim Hellmers is a New Orleans native. She was originally diagnosed with stage II breast cancer at age 32 in 2000. Her diagnosis prompted her to think about the people around her and their own risk.  In an effort to reach as many as possible, The Pink Ribbon Shop was born, continuing its mission today to promote breast cancer awareness and fund the cure one pink ribbon at a time.

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