We Want to Send You to 2018’s Bacchus Rendezvous

Dust off that tux and that gown, practice your foxtrot and your two-step – it’s Mardi Gras ball season and you’re going.

We Want to Send You to the 2018 Bacchus Rendezvous

Win two tickets to Bacchus Ball

Bacchus Rendezvous is one of – if not, the – biggest parties of the year featuring crazy-good bands and DJs and an atmosphere of revelry. It’s an amazing night and we want to send you there to find out for yourself how outrageously fun this invite-only party is. Bacchus Sunday is February 11th and the parade runs right down St. Charles.

But let’s back up a second: Here at the bakery, we’ve got a burning question on our minds.

What’s up with the King Cake Baby’s face?

Or, more specifically, it not really having one.

Yes, these are the kinds of things you think about when you’ve been baking king cakes for 12 of the last 17 hours.

We really want to know what face should be on the king cake baby. And we need your help.

Haydel's King Cake Baby Cutouts

We have a cut out at each pop up location during Mardi Gras!

So we’re offering the 2 Bacchus Rendezvous tickets as incentive to help us figure this out. Here’s what you have to do to be entered to win:

  1. Stop by one of our locations – the bakery on Jefferson Hwy, the Metairie popup at 2431 Metairie Road, or our Uptown popup at 4001 Magazine Street. Click here for hours, or check out the interactive map below.
  2. Snap a pic in our King Cake Baby cutout
  3. Upload it to Facebook & tag us @haydelbakery.

That’s it. You’re entered to win at that point. We’ll pick a winner randomly from a hat.

Rules and other important information

So come stick your grinning mug in this thing and win tickets to an epic party.

And if you need some of that Mardi Gras flavor in your life, we got you.
Mardi Gras with Haydel's

‘Tis The Season

New Orleans King CakesIn New Orleans, Mardi Gras is the holiday. And we’ve spent the last 58 years making sure Haydel’s is the king cake.

The Mardi Gras menu may seem simple – King Cake, and lots of it – but you have a lot to choose from. Whether you’re sending a little taste of home to a loved one missing Mardi Gras this year or just feeding your sweet tooth, we’ve got a king cake package for you.

King of Carnival King Cake Package

For the full Mardi Gras experience, the King of Carnival package has everything you could want – including UPS Next Day Air Shipping to make sure it arrives fresh. A full handmade king cake (in any flavor), Arthur Hardy Mardi Gras Guide, king cake history scroll, French Market coffee, Haydel’s specialty bead pack, a handcrafted porcelain collectible (when in stock), a Mardi Gras CD, Mardi Gras poster, and a Mardi Gras cup.

Haydel's King Cakes New Orleans

Queen of Carnival King Cake Package

Like “Mardi Gras in a box.” The Queen of Carnival package comes with our famous king cake (in any flavor), an Arthur Hardy Mardi Gras Guide, a king cake history scroll, French Market coffee, beads, a handcrafted porcelain collectible (when in stock) – and UPS Next Day Air Shipping to ensure it arrives fresh.

Mardi Gras King Cakes

You can choose from 8 flavors! If you love icing, go for “Da Parish” King Cake

Piece of Cake

Don’t let the name fool you, this package has a full Haydel’s King Cake and more. Get your cake (in any flavor), a king cake history scroll, and a handcrafted porcelain collectible (when in stock). And like all of our king cake packages, UPS Next Day Air Saver Shipping is included to be sure your cake arrives fresh.

Mardi Gras King Cakes

Makin’ Groceries King Cake Package

This Mardi Gras goodie bag includes a king cake (in any flavor), French Market coffee, 8 oz bag of Jambalaya Mix “Cook Me Somethin’ Mister™, the Makin Groceries mini card game, a handcrafted porcelain collectible (when in stock), and UPS Next Day Air Saver Shipping to ensure your cake arrives fresh.

Mardi Gras King Cakes, Makin' Groceries Haydel's Package

The Black & Gold Package

Who Dat?! Just because it’s Mardi Gras doesn’t mean your cake has to be purple, green, and gold. The Black & Gold Package comes with a Saints-themed king cake, a king cake history scroll, and a handcrafted porcelain collectible (when in stock).

And like all of our king cake packages, UPS Next Day Air Saver Shipping is included to be sure your cake arrives fresh.

Black and Gold King Cake

Cake Deets

Our king cakes serve about 30-35 if you’re cutting one-inch pieces. Actual mileage may vary depending on how big of a slice you like.

We offer lots of flavors and varieties. Our traditional and filled king cakes are made of Danish dough, hand braided with cinnamon and sugar, baked to perfection, topped with fondant icing and adorned lavishly with purple, green and gold sugar. Our filled cakes have filling on top of the braided dough. “Da Parish” comes with purple, green, and gold sugar baked on top of the cake. After baking, it is generously drizzled with icing and adorned with sprinkles.

Aren’t these kind of expensive? Yes and no. They’re certainly more than if you bought them in store, but the added cost covers UPS Next Day Air Saver Shipping. We build the shipping into the price for a few reasons: When someone buys a king cake from us, it has got to be fresh. And no one likes that surprise price jump when you get all the way to the end of the checkout process.  

Haydel's 2018 Mardi Gras Pop Ups

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, come down to the shop at 4037 Jefferson Highway, New Orleans, LA 70121 or to one of our Mardi Gras Pop-Up Bakeries: 

  • Our Metaire Pop Up in Ridgeway is at 2431 Metairie Road
  • Our New Orleans Pop Up is at Sno Wizard at 4001 Magazine Street


Pop-up Shops & Surprise Parties

Haydel's Surprise King Cake PartiesWe’ve got pop-up shops and pop-up parties to spread the king cake love this Carnival season. Check below to find out all the places you can scoop up a Haydel’s king cake and how to nominate someone to win a free surprise king cake party.

First things first: Did someone say party?

Yep, that was us. Right there in this post’s title, just seconds ago.

We’re looking for good people who deserve some recognition. Teachers who go the extra mile for their students, students who do wonderful things for their community, great neighbors, amazing sisters – if they make the world a better place, we want to throw them a surprise king cake party.

But we need your help finding them.

So nominate someone here and we’ll let you know if they’ve won in the next couple weeks.

King Cake Pop-ups

Our little bakery on Jefferson Hwy gets a little crowded this time of year. So in an effort to ensure every single person who needs some king cake in their life can get one, we’re opening up some pop-up locations.

Metairie: Ridgeway – 2431 Metairie Rd, Metairie, LA 70001

Uptown: Sno Wizard – 4001 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

Haydel's 2018 Mardi Gras Pop Ups

And as always, swing by the flagship for all your king cake needs – 4037 Jefferson Hwy, Jefferson, LA 70121.

Happy Carnival season, y’all!

Gift Card Giveaway: What does Christmas in NOLA mean to you?

 xmas gift card giveaway

Ahhh, Christmas in New Orleans…

Strands of twinkling lights hanging from live oaks, the sound of choirs rejoicing in old churches, frigid temperatures plunging well below 85º, and family recipes making their highly anticipated return to dining room tables.

In a city as diverse as New Orleans, it should be no surprise that Christmas means something different to every person you meet.

We want to know what Christmas means to you, our extended Haydel’s family.

Do you drive through Christmas in the Oaks with eggnog? Do you cook a big meal then go to midnight mass? Ham and carols? Fried fish and 24/7 re-runs of A Christmas Story?

This year, the Haydel’s want to put something under your tree. Share a slice of your home’s Christmas tradition with us by creating a short 1-2 minute video and we will enter you in our special giveaway. We’ll be on the lookout for the best, most heartwarming, most NOLA Christmas experiences and the winner gets the sweetest stocking stuffer imaginable:

How does a $150 Haydel’s gift card sound for a surprise Christmas present?*

You simply have to upload a video on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #HaydelsForTheHolidays and tag us in it (@HaydelsBakery). You can post it on your own feed or right to our wall, whichever you prefer!

We’ve got something really neat planned and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

Curious what you’ll be able to buy with all that cash? Check out our Holiday treats here.

Merry Christmas,
The Haydel’s


*See Terms and Conditions of the Haydel’s Christmas Giveaway here.



The New Orleans Oyster Pattie: Our Family Recipe for Buttery Little Holiday Miracles

haydel's nola oyster patties

Rich, decadent, and so distinctly New Orleans while also being impossibly light, and flakey? If these little Oyster Patties aren’t a miracle – they’re pretty close. And since it’s the holidays, we’re hand making these Pattie Shells and inviting you into Lauren and Ryan Haydel’s home as they make this Haydel’s family classic.

Our Family Recipe for Buttery Little Holiday Miracles:

The New Orleans Oyster Pattie

In this city, seasons are marked not by changing leaves or an influx of tourists (they’re here all year round), but by the ingredients on our stoves and forks.

The return of oysters is the salty, briny reminder that the holiday season is officially here.

Oysters are wonderful raw. Perfect fried and piled high on French bread. And great hiding down in the murky roux of a relative’s seafood gumbo. But there is something extraordinary and delightfully decadent about a buttery, flaky cup filled to the golden brim with oyster dressing. It’s a Christmas staple in the Haydel family, and after watching this video, you’ll be able to make it a part of yours too.

Recipe: New Orleans Oyster Patties


  • A stick of butter or 1T of olive oil
  • 1 sm. onion diced
  • 1 sm. bell pepper diced
  • 2 shallots minced
  • 2 cloves garlic chopped
  • 1 pint oysters chopped
  • 1 lg. can cream of mushroom soup
  • ¾ cup Italian breadcrumbs
  • ½ cup shredded Swiss cheese
  • ½ cup shredded parmesan cheese
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 48 Haydel’s Bakery Pattie Shells


Sautée onions, bell pepper and garlic in the oil. Add oysters. Cook until oysters become slightly firm. Add cream of mushroom soup, salt, and pepper. Bring to a light boil. Add bread crumbs, swiss cheese, and parmesan. Stir until melted completely. If consistency is very thin add more breadcrumbs. Consistency should be that of thick pudding. Fill a pastry bag* and pipe into each shell. Bake at 350° for 10‐15 minutes.

*If you don’t have a pastry bag fill a large ziplock bag and cut the corner to pipe filling into each shell. order now button

Bonus Recipe: Dave Jr.’s Brie Bites


  • 1 medium to large size wedge of brie cheese (your choice as to whether or not remove the rind)
  • 1 cup small chopped pecan pieces
  • 1 cup dark brown sugar
  • 48 Haydel’s Bakery Pattie Shells


Fill each shell with enough pecans to cover the bottom.  Pull off hunks of brie and stuff it into each shell.  It’s ok if it sticks up out of the top some because it will melt down in the oven.  Top each generously with brown sugar.  Bake at 350° for 11 minutes or until cheese bubbles.  Serve immediately.

We’re willing to bet these dishes will become an anticipated holiday fixture that marks the changing seasons and gives your family one more thing to be thankful for.

Come grab some pattie shells and try it out for yourself – or order them here.

A Very Merry Crescent City Christmas

haydel's christmas

Around here, food will always play a big role in the holidays. Whether you’re home or away, we’ve got a plan to get you a taste of home this Christmas. We gathered our Christmas favorites with 3 ways to get your goodies.

Ship ‘Em

It’s hard being away from home during the holidays. Ship a very lucky someone a little slice of home, or just skip traffic and have your order delivered.

Christmas King Cake

Christmas King Cakes

Cajun Kringles

Cajun Kringles

Pattie Shells

Go in the kitchen with Ryan and Lauren Haydel as they show you how to make their New Orleans Oyster Patties: watch the video here.

N.O. Pattie Shells

Makes the perfect hors d’oeuvres – Oyster Dressing, Brie Bites, Spinach Artichoke Dip – you name it!

Candy Cane Cake

Candy Cane King Cake

Grab ‘Em In Person

We are open on Mondays in December!  Call in your order at 504.837.0190 and swing by our shop between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm Monday- Friday or 8:30-4pm on Saturday.

Note: Christmas schedule/closing times…We’ll be open on Sunday, December 24th from 7:30am-4pm.  We’ll be closed Monday, December 25th, and Tuesday, December 26th.

Don’t feel like making the drive? There’s an app for that.

Did you know Uber now has a food delivery service called Uber Eats? Well, they do. And it’s amazing. Download it in the app store and look for Haydel’s.

haydel's uber eats

Your Kringle could be on its way to your house right now, what are you waiting for?!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your holiday season. For a little family bakery like ours, it means the world.

Merry Christmas,
The Haydel’s


Your clients and co-workers deserve some carnival kindness.

Haydel's Mardi Gras Bulk order

Could your clients and co-workers use a little NOLA lovin’?

If you’re anything like us, you’re thrilled that it’s cool to start talking about Mardi Gras again, and you’re already planning how to share that excitement.

Maybe you’d like to send a slice of Mardi Gras to your clients. Or maybe you’re even considering making it rain Mardi Gras in your office. Excellent. The Gods of Carnival are pleased by this.

We’re pleased too. That’s why we want to help you through that decision and offer you a Mardi Gras Spirit Special:

  • When you order 50 packages or more, you will receive a dollar off of every package in your shipment.

Is that not enough? Are you a bonafide Mardi Gras Ambassador?

  • When you order 250 packages or more, you’ll receive $2 off every package in your shipment.

And we’re making that deal even better for those of you celebrating the duration of the season!

  • For every bulk order that you place to be delivered between January 6 and January 26, we will take an additional $1 off of each item in the shipment!
    • PLEASE NOTE: If you’re ordering during this window, you must e-mail your spreadsheet to davidjr@haydelbakery.com

So, let’s get started! Here’s how to bring the spirit of Mardi Gras into you and your clients’ offices the Haydel’s way: 

Step 1: Pick your perfection!

Select from our delightful selection of King Cakes and Mardi Gras treats which cakes you want for your business partners, co-workers or office. You can mix and match, just let us know how many of each you’d like.

And there’s much more where those came from:

  • Our King of Carnival Packages offer the complete NOLA experience, featuring:
    • The Arthur Hardy Mardi Gras Guide (2018 Edition available Jan. 6, 2018)
    • King Cake history scroll
    • A pack of French Market Coffee
    • Haydel’s Specialty Bead Pack
    • Handcrafted Porcelain Collectible (2018 Edition available Jan. 6, 2018)
    • Mardi Gras CD
    • Mardi Gras poster
    • Mardi Gras cup
  • Our Queen of Carnival Packages are of similar value but don’t include the Mardi Gras cup, poster, and CD.
  •  Check out the Makin’ Groceries King Cake Package if you’d like to provide the savory side of Mardi Gras as well.
  • The Piece of Cake Package is our most basic. You still get that sweet Haydel’s goodness, along with a few of our featured items from the other packages: the handcrafted porcelain collectible, and the royal scroll detailing the King Cake’s history.

As you can see, you have eight different flavors to choose from! Be sure to find your clients’ favorites and write down those item numbers.

Step 2: Download our order worksheet

This is where you will tell us who you are, what you want, and where you want it to be delivered.

Click here to download the order sheet

Step 3: Fill out your order form using item numbers

mardi gras king cakes

Fill out the item column with your clients’ Mardi Gras necessities

Learn more about adding a gift message and formatting info in our corporate shopping portal here.

Step 4: Email your completed spreadsheet to Davidjr@haydelbakery.com

If you qualify for the bulk discount, it’s important that you send your order as an attachment on an e-mail to Dave Jr.

Step 5: March around your office with last year’s beads singing the Mardi Gras Mambo

Let that brass sing, baby!


Happy Mardi Gras from your family at Haydel’s Bakery.


Haydel’s for the Holidays: How to Save on Your Bulk Order

Save on your bulk order

Your step-by-step guide to gifting the clients and coworkers on your “nice” list:

So you’ve written a “naughty” and “nice” list for your clients this year, you’ve checked it twice, and you’ve decided to grace your favorites with the gift of Haydel’s this year. Wow. They must have been really, really good.

We have some incredible seasonal treats this year for you to choose from and an even sweeter deal for you, Office Santa:

  • When you order 50 packages or more, you will receive a dollar off of every package in your shipment.
  • Have a ton of folks on your nice list? When you order 250 packages or more, you’ll receive $2 off every package in your shipment.

Here’s how you fill that sleigh of yours!

Step 1: Get our elves working!

Select from our heavenly holiday treats to gift each person on your “nice” list. You can mix and match, just let us know how many of each you’d like.

Step 2: Download our corporate order worksheet

This is where you will tell us who you are, what you want, and where you want it to be delivered.

Click here to download your order sheet

Step 3: Fill out your order form using the item numbers from above

Fill that column like so!

Learn more about adding a gift message and formatting info in our corporate shopping portal here if you haven’t done so before.

corporate shopping portal here.

Step 4:  Email your completed spreadsheet to davidjr@haydelbakery.com

If you qualify for the bulk discount, it’s important that you send your order as an attachment on an e-mail to Dave Jr.

Step 5: Waltz around your office with an air of knowing that you’re the most thoughtful gifter in the NOLA region.

Happy Holidays.


NOLA’s 10 Best Foodie Instagram Feeds

In New Orleans, chefs are celebrities and restaurants are landmarks – even the ones that haven’t been there for over a decade.

Keeping up with the new restaurants and food trucks and chefs and menus in the 504 is nearly impossible without some help. So we gathered a list of our favorite places to go for that help – New Orleans’ best foodies, food bloggers, writers, and eaters.

First up, Eater_nola


Their website is a daily stop for the perpetually hungry with a frequently updated Heatmap (a google map with their top new spots) and their 38 Essentials map with the established eateries. But it’s their Instagram feed that really blows us away. This thing is just loaded with the most beautiful, vibrant food shots imaginable.

Another must-follow for any NOLA foodie, @nola.eats

When serrano meets yellowfin tuna, they do a little dance. @chefbrianlandry @borgnerestaurant #NOLAeats #BorgneOnCanaryIslands

A post shared by New Orleans Food & Dining (@nola.eats) on

This foodie eats well and documents every bite. Follow this account for beautiful food that gets a full explanation in the comments. And if you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, just ask. They’re really good about answering questions in the comments.

With a name like @nolafoodgoddess

Lorin Gaudin’s warm personality comes through in her great Instagram feed that mixes sexy food shots, lovely homemade meals, and sweet family moments. Follow her for everything from rolled ice cream to “creole garlic” – a thing we didn’t know existed until seeing it on her feed.

Next up, @wherenolaeats

If this picture of applewood smoked pork belly burnt ends hadn’t hooked us, this picture of a beignet wedding cake would have. Either way, their Insta feed is loaded with beautiful food and some wonderful recipes for those who want to do more than just look at food.

Anthony of @eatingnola

This dude is a trip. Anthony is a voracious foodie who likes it spicy, smoky, fried, on the half shell and covered in cheese. He tries some of the weirdest treats in the city (what the heck is a “meat muffin”?) so you don’t have to. He also has lots of freebies and giveaways and a great Snapchat feed, if that’s more your thing.

“The best food from everywhere” – @noshingusa

Reeeeeal good food || caramel, chocolate, nut, brownie vanilla ice cream trdlenik #noshingusa #abroadeats

A post shared by Noshing USA (@noshingusa) on

If you’re looking for the intersection of food and travel, your search is over. Pasta in New York, spiral-cut chips in Prague, watermelon soft serve in Miami – this girl eats well and takes vibrant pictures of her gastronomic adventures.

When we figure out how to tag along with her on a food trip, we’ll let you know.

Off the Eaten Path @eatenpathnola


For a latin-spin on local dining, @eatenpathnola is a fantastic follow. This account highlights some of the city’s hidden gems like figgy toast with blue cheese from Cowbell, Mofongo from Mangu on the Westbank, and the blueberry cake from Sac-a-Lait. But if you get sucked into this food feed’s lovely array of delights, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Wait, what day is it? And why do I need tacos?

NOLA Kitchen @nolakitchen


This is another account that is distinctly NOLA. Oyster Roc, Mosca’s, shrimp and grits, Domenica, Uptown, CBD – if it tastes good, looks good, and is all about that 504, it’s on this mouth-watering Insta feed.  

The voice (and lense) of New Orleans eating, Ian McNulty @ianmcnultynola

No list about New Orleans food would be complete without Ian McNulty. His weekly food segments on WWNO are some of the finest food writing you’ll hear anywhere. He knows this city and her food and expresses his love for both with eloquence and passion. And his Instagram feed? Piled high with gorgeous food shots and the best bites from across the Big Easy.

Who, me? @Haydelsbakery

White icing, almond cake, fresh strawberry and pineapple filling – and lots of “mmmmmm”-ing.

A post shared by Haydel's Bakery (@haydelsbakery) on

Heck yes, we’re putting our own Instagram feed on our list! And why wouldn’t we? We have turtles, freshly baked cakes, delicate little icing flowers, and anything else tasty that we have in the case at Haydel’s. It’s a fun account to follow for anyone with a sweet tooth and a love for this great city.

Who are we missing?

If you know any good NOLA food accounts we should be following, leave them in the comments on Facebook or Instagram.


Top Wedding Cake Trends

Since 1965, we have seen a lot of wedding cakes! The requests over the years have included things as simple as plain white wedding cakes to completely unique 3D designs. We have seen it all!

Although the designs are always sweet, the trends change with each generation. Here are some of the most requested trends of the past year:

Ruffles & Lace

With each ruffle hand-applied, it is no wonder that brides are asking for these beautiful types of creations. To balance out the design, our artists create delicate lace patterns on alternating tiers.

Naked Cake

Let’s get down to the basics. When it is all about the cake, forget the icing! Don’t let your eye fool you, these cakes take extra time and special plans to create since their edges are bare.

Fresh Flowers

When bakers and florists combine, the creations can be breathtaking. Adding fresh flowers to our cakes can be just the WOW factor you are looking for.


From swirls to buttoned patterns, requests for various textures are very common.

Floral Icing

The top of a wedding cake is one of the most important focal points. This sweet design is covered in flowers made of our handmade icing.